This is our garage!

Updated: Apr 26

Ever since we started, we have worked in various common spaces. For example, we've been to the Peet's cafe at Harvard Square so often, that each staff there remembered our orders and names (Jie: 2% milk large. Amber: Iced latte). We have also stormed the Smith Centre, the Science Centre, and the Langdell Hall at Harvard Law School.

After being the gypsies for a few months, we finally discovered an oasis: level 3 lounge of the Child Hall (where Amber stays). Next to the kitchen and the bathroom, we get greeted by everyone before their important needs, days and nights. We are grateful to be in our status quo.

How diverse the Harvard ecosystem is! Each day, we bump into incredible people living next doors, who never stop amazing us with wonderful ideas. Friends from different schools offer tons of help. Flatmates send their regards after watching us working with such passion. They witness our business meetings and discussions. They accompany us in times of frustration and joy.

Like in the stories of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, great companies started in garages. This is our garage, where everything begins.

- Jie & Amber

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