(Arguably) the best thing to do at Harvard is to work on your venture!

Updated: Apr 10

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So many things to cherish, so much to be grateful for. When you are so happy to be working on the stuff you are passionate about, it is such an awesome feeling. We are dying to write this particular post because of a significant milestone we just achieved.

Frankly speaking, it is not just a discrete event but a continuous flow of positivity that we are riding. It pushes us to challenge ourselves and think beyond the horizons. After all, it is not a simple problem to address (Our vision is to make living with diabetes like living without it!). However, it does not feel like a burden but a sense of fulfillment to be able to work in this positive environment and be surrounded by such amazing people who are always ready to help you out on practically anything you could think of - all those 12 Harvard schools coming in handy! Everyone in the dorm (shout out to Child 3!) has been so welcoming to us from offering us those hot meals when we had been working long hours, brainstorming on our patent application, or just casually chatting with us.

Having spent an aggregate of 17 years in the industry, we knew going back to school would be interesting, but we could not have imagined enjoying it this much. After all, it's not an ordinary event to find a thought-provoking idea to work on and an amazing person to execute it with. Aah, everything seems to be happening so fast and quick, and we would be soon graduating. It is a bitter-sweet reminder because we would be missing this time so much because of the fun we are having while working on the startup. It would also be a great transition for taking this idea into the real world and executing it! We look forward to all that fate has in store for us.

We cannot imagine our Harvard experience without this experience of working on our startup. Working on our venture had such a strong influence on our lives. We would urge every student to consider taking the plunge. If not you, who else? If not now, when? If not here, where? Trust us, it's a whole new world you're opening, and Harvard will reveal its charm and power in a way you have never seen before.

Onward and upward!

- Jie & Amber

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